If you are searching more information about what is domain authority, here you can find the answer.

Domain authority is the value given to your website. This is also known as site authority and website authority.

This value is assigned specifically for your domain name. Each domain name has a unique DA ranking, depending on many things such as the amount of organic website traffic, backlinks, social signals, content, and more. The value usually sticks to this domain name forever online, unless the domain name gets blacklisted, or etc.

Your website name is call a domain name. Your domian name is your website name which for most people is a .com. But if you dont have a .com name then you might have a .co, .net, .gov or something else. Today there are hundreds of TLD’s (top level domains) to choose from.

DA 0 – 100

Every website has a unique DA number from 1-100.

So what is the best?

The best is 100, but that is not realistic for most websites.

Every new website starts at a DA 0 and then will rank higher as the website is promoted with a good SEO company.

Only some of the most famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are DA 96.

DA Rankings for Google, Facebook and Twitter


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