In SEO, Backlinks are other website links that point towards your website.

These back links are analyzed by Google and then given a value for all the websites pointing to you, which will result in your Domain authority (DA).

Every back link is not the same, click the link above to read more about domain authority. But in summary, each link has a DA ranking from 1-100. 100 being the best website score possible.

Would you rather have a DA 5 website linking to your website or a DA 25? The answer is clearly a DA 25.

In reality every back link you get or already have for your website will not be a DA 25 or 50.

These will be rare for most small business websites, but are definitely possible and normal to get.

This is the main idea about how back links work. But there is a bit more to learn about backlinks than that. You also want to check the organic traffic, website content, and some other technical SEO methods.

So how do i get backlinks for my website?

Well the simplest way is to hire a respectable SEO company who has experience making websites and doing SEO.

Contact us today for a free website quote or SEO quote and see how we can help your website.


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