png to vector

Most have their company artwork files in jpg and png, but do you also have it in vector format? In this blog we will review, what is vector? And what is the advantage to vector?

Vector Artwork

Vector format allows your artwork to scale up or down without losing quality. When your image loses quality it gets pixelated and blurry. See the Pacman example above. Jpg Pacman is blurry and has jagged edges. This cannot happen with vector artwork. Vector artwork will always retains it’s shape. Vector artwork is common for a variety of reasons like printing, roadside billboards, and websites.

PNG To Vector

If your artwork is not in a vector format you will need to convert it to the vector format. This can be done alone by sending your artwork to a marketing agency with a graphics design team. PNG to vector is one of the most common needs. Another popular graphic design service needed by our clients is jpg to vector. Because a jpg behaves the same way as a png, in that they both get pixelated.

Do you need a logo or graphic converted to vector format? Contact Tampa Bay Marketing today for assistance.


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