organic seo

Organic SEO is the natural ranking of your website in the Google search engine.

There are usually ten websites per page on the Google search engine results, but it can vary as of recently with a new 2020 Google update.

If your website is on the first page of Google for your main keywords then you are doing pretty good.

If your website is not showing, then you have a little bit of homework to do.

Google has over 200+ factors that analyze your website, and since we have been doing SEO services since 2008, we are very familiar with these white hat rules.

Organic Or PPC?

Today many companies use PPC to pay and show their website in the paid search engine results tab at the top of the page.

You might have seen these before, they are usually the first 2-3 websites that show up under your search and say ‘ad’.

See the below picture shaded in gray of thePPC‘ (pay per click) section of Google. Also known as Google Ads to the marketing companies who pay to use this service. Which was formerly known as Google Adwords until 2018)

organic vs ppc ad
Pay Per Click Shaded in Gray, and Organic Search Results shown in teal.

Each company pays a different price per click. It could be $0.9 which is not likely, or it could be some where in the $0.50 – $100.00 range.

Because there is a lot more competition these days competing to sell the same product, this drives click prices up.

This is why we recommend focusing your SEO strategy on organic SEO.

In the long term organic SEO campaigns can be the best and smartest investment for your website.

PPC campaigns are usually not a sustainable advertising model, and if they are the profits can be small.

So how do i make my organic SEO better?

One way is to make sure your website has useful content.

If your website has good information on it that people want to see, this will increase your website session time, and decrease your website bounce rate.

Website Cookies

Search engines communicate with your computer and follow your website history with cookies.

Which is a small piece of data stored on your computer that is communicating with other websites. Usually these cookies save username logins, passwords or other useful information if you allow it too.

The cookie settings can be changed in your internet browser to be turned on, off, or set to a custom setting.

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