organic vs ppc ad

Are you wondering if your business could benefit from PPC or SEO?

Many times prospects ask me “What is better, organic SEO or PPC”?

The short answer?

Organic Traffic.


Pay per click is also known as PPC. It is not for everybody, and it depends on your situation.

An advantage to PPC is that it can be a short term strategy to get a new product or service seen fast.

But be careful because it could expensive, real quick.

You can these click you get on your ads, track the impressions and other statistics like age, and sex.

Google Analytics

You can also track these same statistics on Google Analytics for free. Google analytics is a great tool for tracking your daily website visitors and much more.

Organic SEO

Now that you know organic SEO is essentially free, lets explain some more about why you need to optimize your website so you can begin getting more leads and sales.

If you are a entrepreneur or business owner you should know that your most valuable asset is your website. Other than having a great product or service and team, your most valuable asset is your website.

This is a harder concept for elderly CEO’s to understand, such as the baby boomers, but the younger CEO’s already understand it.

Building Trust With Customers

Think of your website as a piece of land in a digital world, it is the once spot where you can call home, sell products, services, and tell the world who you are. The world can also interact with you by contacting you, reading your information, watching your videos, and much more.

This is how you build trust with your customers. And this is how you get more people filling out the contact form on your website and asking for quotes.

Cold Calling Is Dead

The day’s of having your sales people cold call to help sell a product or service are now over. Cold calling has the highest rejection rate of all marketing strategies. Cold calling also has the lowest closing rate of all types of marketing. Since the rise of the internet more and more people ignore phone calls they do not know.

How Are You Finding New Leads and Customers?

The answer is your website is now the holy grail for new leads and new customers.

If you website is not getting at least a couple leads a day from organic website traffic in Google, you could see your business begin to slow down every year as more and more people choose the websites on pages one and two.


This is because your competitors are taking those leads with their websites. The prospects are searching on page one and maybe page two of Google.

Your website must also be showing on these same pages to have a chance.

If your website is not showing in these first few pages you are losing opportunities for getting new leads and customers everyday.

Think about it, how often do you click page 3 and call some one?

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