Google SEO Tips

Depending on your industry, you might need both national SEO and local SEO, or just one or the other.

Local SEO

Local SEO is popular with small or local businesses.

If you are a local pizza store and only have a few locations in New York City, you might be focusing on keywords like ‘New York City Pizza’.

The advantage to local SEO is that these keywords are usually easy to rank for.

National SEO

If you are a national label company selling your custom labels across America you might be focused on keywords like ‘custom labels’, ‘juice labels’ and ‘barcode labels’.

The advantage of national SEO is that it can be much harder and longer to rank for these keywords.

What Is The Difference?

With local SEO you only want to cover a specific area with certain words. With National SEO you want to promote the business in the entire country.


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