PPC or pay per click is when you pay a search engine like Google to put your website at the very top of the page.

Your website will be listed with the black bold text ‘Ad’ next to the website URL and be one of the three first results.

PPC can be a great way to attract customers in a short time period, but if this is a long term solution is can be costly for you and your business.

Disadvantages of PPC:

  • PPC is not free.
  • PPC can be complex and complicated. It does take a certain amount of skill to get results, and if you are a business owner you might not have time to get over the learning curve.
  • PPC can backfire on your budget if you are not careful and costs can add up quickly with little results.
  • PPC Clicks and visits don’t always convert to sales. You will need to have an awesome website with perfect content to convert clicks into customers. PPC is not a guaranteed way to make sales, but organic traffic is.
  • PPC takes constant monitoring of the ads, you cannot just set them and forget them or your wallet could be hurting at the end of the month.
  • PPC Ads disappear when your campaign ends. With organic SEO your piece of content can be around for years on the internet and bring in thousands, or more of free visitors and leads coming to your website every month.
  • Competitors can click your ads. Some companies deliberately click on your PPC ads to increase your monthly budget and make your advertising sky high. If you are a small business owner you cannot afford this to happen to you.

How often do you click sponsored ‘Ads’? Or do you prefer to click the natural ranking organic websites like most consumers?

In recent years consumers have grown more skeptical over sponsored Ads. This is why public relations or PR has become a better marketing method than advertising.

Advantages of PPC

  • PPC can be fast. Within 24 hours you can get an Ad going.
  • PPC can be precise. If you want to target a specific keyword or a very niche market PPC can be great.

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