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Do You Need More Leads and Customers from your website?

The truth is that unless you are relaxing off an island on your yacht drinking mojito’s, you probably need new website leads and customers.

What do I mean by new leads? Just like the sun rises every day, your website should be bringing in multiple new leads and customers daily.

This is called lead generation.

If your website is not doing this then you are already behind the game. If your website is getting leads now, would more help you?

Below is a list of some recent articles that will help your company get more ideas, customers, and learn about SEO (search engine optimization).  

  1. 9 Secrets SEO Companies Wont Tell You – Here is a checklist you can ask your next SEO company about. These 9 SEO secrets will help you filter out the best SEO companies to the top.
  2. What is a responsive design? – Here we review what is a responsive website? And what is a mobile friendly website? Why do you need one? Hint: It could be your number one sales strategy.
  3. The Truth About SEO –SEO services can be complicated, and hard to understand at first. This quick guide will help you learn the truth about SEO companies and what you need to look for.
  4. National SEO vs Local SEO – If you sell nationwide all across America, then you will want a national SEO service. If you sell to your local city within 30 miles, then you want to focus on local SEO.
  5. What is Organic SEO? – Organic SEO is natural clicks from Google that you do not pay for. This means your website is getting found without using PPC ads.
  6. What is PPC? – Pay per click is when you pay for each time a customer clicks on a keyword you choose and it takes them to your website. Some keywords can cost $0.10 a click, some keywords can cost $100.00 a click.  
  7. Organic Traffic Vs PPC – Here we compare Organic website traffic with pay per click campaigns.
  8. What Is SEO? – Learn the SEO meaning and why you need it.

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