So how long does SEO take?

The truth about SEO is that it can take months, or years to get on the first page of Google.

Some websites can see results almost immediately, but with most websites it can take time.

One thing that determines your authority online is domain authority (DA). (This is also known as site authority and website authority)

If your SEO company is working hard, you can see faster changes and gains in website rankings.

It just depends on many different variables like the content that is chosen, the quality of it, how competitive the keywords are and much more.

This is the reason it is good to have a professional SEO company, who can keep up to date with the latest changes and continue working on optimizing your website each month making your website traffic grow.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of entry level SEO companies offering professional ‘SEO services’ to businesses. To make things worse, some companies are actually paying these low quality SEO companies because they don’t know where else to go.

Hiring the wrong SEO company can waste your time and money, and even worse, it can hurt your organic website rankings.

Bad SEO Companies Will:

  • Not follow the Google Guidelines.
  • Not focus on quality keywords.
  • Not send you monthly reports.
  • Use outdated methods.
  • Use the same checklist for each client.
  • Take your money without giving you results.

Good SEO Companies Will:

  • Focus on organic SEO.
  • Analyze your competition.
  • Find the best keywords.
  • Send you monthly reports.
  • Optimize your website in the best way code wise and content wise.
  • Stay up to date with the latest Google guidelines.
  • Learn and stay on top of the new optimization methods.
  • Create fresh new and original content.
  • Give you new leads.

What Makes Tampa Bay Marketing Different?

Our goal is to improve our clients websites by positioning them to attract new customers.

With our local Tampa SEO team on your side, you can be sure your website is safe with us.

Get My Free Website Analysis Today.

There are many automated website tools but here at Tampa Bay Marketing our local Tampa SEO team care about you and your success, so we take the time to hand analyze each website with a human.

Some of the things we analyze here are:

  • SEO – We will review how Google see’s your website and give you a report of your overall website traffic since day 1 when we begin optimization.
  • Current statistics and traffic – We will take screenshots of your current stats, and compare them months later to show you the improvements.
  • Domain statistics – The age and history of your domain can determine your website rankings, we will review this to see if anything needs to be fixed.
  • Website platform – Not all website are equal. We will look at your CMS platform and see how it can be optimized for the best performance.
  • Title Tags and Content – We will review your content, pages, and blog articles to see if the content truly is unique, we will check for duplicated content, and if anything needs to be tweaked to more underlying details.
  • Usability – We will make sure the content is using the best search terms and that your website strikes a balance between usability, and search engine friendliness.
  • Performance – Broken links and interlinking – We will check to make sure you have not broken links, and that your website is optimized to load as fast as possible. Another thing we will check is to make sure your website is mobile friendly for phones and tablets. Slow loading websites are not a favorite of Google because they can make the visitor wait.
  • Security – If your website does not have an SSL certificate, you might not need one depending on how you are using your website. But, an advantage to an SSL certificate is that it does help give you a little SEO juice. As well as encrypt all communications between your website and your visitors.
  • Social Media – We will check to make sure your website is pointing towards your social media platforms. By pointing to your social network pages you can help build trust with Google.

Get A Website Analysis Today (A $999 Value)



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